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10 things.

I guess the letter B on every test if I don't know the answer. I guess that's why I'm failing my classes. I guess that's why my mom doesn't like me. I guess that's why my mom yells at me. I guess that's why I hate being home. I guess that's why I'm always stressed. I guess all my problems come from guessing the letter B I guess I should stop guessing the letter B

~hope in a hopeless place.

(EXCERPT) They show us that there is still a chance, a chance for something better. They show us that there is still hope.

~welcome to america.

This is America. Please enjoy your chains.


I feel nothing is more beautiful than just accepting who you are and embracing it passionately with every bone in your body...

hidden figures.

These are our phenomenal African self-creators and we must always take a shine of them all the time. So you can keep your month because I celebrate black history everyday.

A letter to my memories

You are what warms me up on the inside But you are what tears me apart from the inside.

Silent Protest

Okay, before you read my actual blog I would like to let you know I really couldn't care less what you think about, me not standing up for the pledge because it's not gonna change my beliefs.Therefore if you feel the need to comment something against my beliefs, that is a waste of time and irrelevant to my life. You may continue reading now...


Nelson Mandela and many other leaders have taught me many things. But the most important thing I have learned from him is to be willing to die for what I believe in but also fighting like hell to live for it.

police brutality.

You have to be really ignorant to think this is not a problem. Fear is not an excuse of the death of an innocent man, woman or child...

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