I first heard about “The White Helmets” a long time ago and when I did I could not believe it. I couldn’t believe that these amazing, beautiful, heroic people are risking their lives everyday to save people just for the outcome of a life saved.

These are your everyday people experiencing the toughest time imaginable. But they decide to wake up everyday and go out and help people and by doing that they have saved over seventy thousand people. Some of them are bakers, tailors or builders and they are out there running toward bombs to save their fellow citizens. I have heard of people running away from a bombing but The White Helmets run towards them. These amazing group of people didn’t flee the country, they stayed and helped and they are the definition of heroes. These people have children and families. Whenever one of their loved one has died, they do not give up, that only encourages them to push through because that is the reason why they are doing it.

They do not use guns or any violence at all, they just use the little resources they have to help people they do not even know. Obama once said, “Our values call upon us to care about the lives of people we will never meet” and The White Helmets are a living representation of that. I can guarantee that the people in “The White Helmets” don’t even know half of the names of the thousands of people they have saved and I can also guarantee you that it doesn’t matter to them. They are just waking up everyday, hoping to save a life. Also  the fact that they are only doing it for that specific reason is beautiful. They are not doing it for the small allowance that the international community provides them. They are only doing it to help.

These beautiful people are an inspiration and we all should acknowledge and appreciatewhitehelmetheroes_1_1 what they are doing. We should also be motivated by them
because they show us that ordinary people can make a big difference. they show us that there is still a chance, a chance for something better. They show us that there is still hope.