Memories – ذكريات

Dear ذكريات,

we have a love and hate relationship.

You are what warms me up on the inside

But you are also what eats away at my insides.

I hate the way you can be altered and twisted anyway you want.

I love the way you can make my mind go on a jaunt

But I hate when you make the bad ذكريات come out to haunt

Because the bad ذكريات are what I don’t want.

I want to be able to control you more

Because you make me remember the things I try to ignore.  

and make me forget the things I wish I could remember,

I’ll always remember the feeling of the day my family wore all black

But I can’t remember the feeling I had when I first heard my favorite track.

Without you the stars don’t seem so bright

but with you comes with these dark nights.

With you, the fondest of memories seem faded

but without you, life’s journey is dark and jaded.

Oh but ذكريات, why can’t it just be like how it was way back when.

Way back when things were easier.

Way back when life was breezier.

Way back when I was a kid

Now I can’t forget every bad thing people did.


you do not dictate my future.

If anything, you painted a better picture.

Oh and dark ذكريات I will only replace you

And fill you with everything new

New people

new mistakes

new memories to make

new days and nights

new delights.

And with every new year

There will be new tears

But for now you may spend your time tied in a cage.

You will try to break the chains

and you eventually will come back and fill me with pain.

But for now you may



in chains

 Until we meet again,