Have you ever heard someone say “When I look at people¬†I don’t see color”? Personally I think that is stupid and unless you’re color blind it doesn’t make any sense. I get what point people are trying to make when they say that but it basically means that you are not acknowledging who I am.Why would I want someone to ignore what I am? Instead of ignoring someone’s race as if it is a problem, there should be no problem with it at all. It is who I am and that’s the end of the story. imagesIt shouldn’t be a bad thing to see race. My race has shaped me in many ways and it’s made me who I am today and I’m proud of it, so if you ignore my race I would feel offended actually. Instead of people seeing each other’s differences as something wrong and something that should be hidden, it should be celebrated and welcomed. You should not feel like the color of your skin is something that is wrong. This teacher asked me a question once and I got the answer wrong, then someone whispered (not very quietly may I add) “Of course she got it wrong, she’s black”. But I said nothing and let her be ignorant. She made it seem as if the color of my skin had anything to do with me not knowing the answer. I got the question¬†wrong because I didn’t know the answer not because of my skin color. Some people have made it seem like by pointing out what color I am is an insult, by saying “you’re” black” or “you’re white” is insulting. But the whole point of this is to say that you pointing out my race is just pointing out the obvious, and you ignoring my race is even worse.