| Basically a poem about my feelings about someone, that contains a lot of space references because I wanted it to have a theme |

I don’t know what you saw out of this or where you were going with this.
But I know that I saw farther than you.
My eyes were like a telescope and I could see so far into space.

Although it was a starry night my telescope was only focused on the brightest star I saw.
while your eyes were just binoculars and only saw through the window.
But I didn’t notice that you weren’t only looking into my window.
You were looking into her window too.

Every time you looked at me,

my heart flew like a rocket ship and into outer space,

But it never returned.

It was like you ripped my heart out of my chest and didn’t even have the decency to give it back.

Who gave you the right to keep me up till sunrise

With tears flowing out my eyes.

You were like a black hole and your gravity pulled me in although there is no way to get out. 

So i’m stuck in this cloudy space in my mind.

You made me feel like the only star sometimes.

But you never failed to remind me that there are over one hundred billion more stars every time you looked at her.

Every time you did remind me

it was like you made an axis with a knife on my heart.

So now i’m left with nothing but dark energy in my mind.

You made me change and i hate who I have become.

I never depended on anyone for my well being or happiness.

I don’t understand how I could have fallen into a dark place so quickly.

You were a meteorite and you damaged everything inside of me.

So now i’m just left looking


starry night.